QFPay Privacy Policy

QFPay has attached great importance to the privacy of users. The following are our policies for the collection, use and protection of your information. Please read it carefully. For the content displayed in the bold font, QFPay urges you to focus on reading. As the scope of the service expands and adjusts, we may update our privacy policy at any time without notice. The updated privacy policy will effectively replace the original privacy policy once it is posted and updated on the website.

  1. Collection and use of information
  2. You will be asked to provide personal information when you register with the merchant service. We may send personal information to people who have your email address or other identifying information.

  3. When you use Haojin merchant services, or access to Haojin Merchant Management System, QFPay will automatically receive and record the information on your browser and computer, including but not limited to your IP address, Browser type, language used, date and time of access, hardware and software feature information, web page records you need, and merchants' cookies information.

  4. When you download and install Haojin Merchant APP, you have agreed to let QFPay collect or retrieve read your mobile device properties and their storage information, including but not limited to the brand and model of your device, identification code, telecom carrier, country or region, mobile number, address book, and location;

  5. When you use Haojin services to perform some operations (such as adding a friend to your group), we may send a notice to you or others;

  6. For third-party application services that you use on the merchant's service platform, QFPay will collect relevant information when you launch the application and process it according to this privacy policy; third-party application service providers may will receive personal information about your business in the vicinity of the merchant, whose collection of information is subject to its own privacy policy.

  7. QFPay will collect information about you when other users perform operations related to you, and may also obtain your personal data information from the affiliates, affiliated third parties or other legal channels;

  8. The purpose collecting and using the above information is to improve our products and services (including but not limited to providing personalized services to you). You may be notified of new features and services by following methods, website notifications, emails, phone, SMS, or other communication. We may send you commercial information that may interest you, including but not limited to products, services or business investment opportunities of affiliates or other third parties. QFPay will not review or use your business data.

  9. the disclosure and sharing of information QFPay will not provide, sell, rent, share and trade your personal data to any third party without your consent, except in the following cases:

  10. Provide relevant information to comply with the requirements of laws and regulations, including inquiries by relevant national authorities or their authorized units;
  11. To avoid your immediate danger to life, body or property, or to prevent significant harm to the rights of others;
  12. To protect the rights and property of its affiliates, or their users;
  13. When you are complained of infringement of intellectual property rights or other legal rights by others, you need to disclose your necessary information to the complainant in order to handle the complaint;
  14. In order to let QFPay and our affiliates to provide services to you individually or jointly, and after the service is over, we and our affiliates will not access all such materials that it has previously been used.

  15. Information Security

  16. The account you registered with QFPay Merchant Services has password protection function to ensure the security of your personal information. Please keep your account and password information safe.
  17. QFPay has appropriate technical and security measures to ensure that the information we have is not lost, abused and altered. However, please note that there is no “perfect security measures” on the Internet.
  18. Cookies Cookies are small amounts of data. If you do not reject to accept cookies, the cookies will be sent to your browser and stored in your computer's hard drive. We use cookies to store data about your visit to the merchant's business. When you visit or revisit QFPay Merchant Services, we can identify you and provide better and more services by analyzing the data. . You have the right to accept or decline to accept cookies. You can reject to accept cookies by modifying your browser settings, but we need to remind you that because you reject to accept cookies, you may not be able to use some of the features of cookies that are relevant to the merchant service.

  19. external link QFPay merchant services might contain links to other websites. QFPay is not responsible for the privacy protection policies of other websites. We may add business partners or shared brand websites whenever we need them, but the information provided to them will be comprehensive information and we will not disclose your identity.